Providing A Global Advertising,

Providing A Global Advertising,Marketing & Networking Stage

Through our digital magazine, e-marketplace, online presence, global partnerships, matchmaking and networking events, our members get unmatched advertising, marketing and networking tools to reach customers and stay ahead of competitors.

Supporting Innovation &Entrepreneurship

We work with entrepreneurs, startups and businesses to research, test and bring disruptive ideas to the market. We help the rapidly growing companies with business support services (work space, marketing & legal) financing, acceleration and global expansion. As a result, creating jobs and strong economies for counries.

Supporting Innovation &
Boosting Global Digital Trade

Boosting Global Digital TradeExports

Our staff and partners participate in a wide range of public and private sector events nationally and globally, scouting for digital trade, export and business opportunities. We identify, lobby for and bring our members on-board to take advantage of the business opportunities found.

Attracting Foreign DirectInvestment

Digital businesses are global and borderless. Our member nations offer investors access to amazing investment opportunities. Working with global partners, we attract and help investors to invest in some of the most promising entrepreneurs, startups and businesses in each member country.

Attracting Foreign Direct
Engaging Global Businesses To Set

Engaging Global Businesses To SetUp Base In Member Nations

We work with partners from across the globe to attract some of the most ambitious companies to set up their base in our member countries. We guide them through the process of company registration, office space hire, HR recruitment and legal requirements.

Leading Overseas Tech Delegations

Our International Committees works with public and private stakeholders from across Asia, Africa, America and Europe. We send and receive tech delegations from around the world interested in digital innovation, business, trade and investment opportunities. We make sure our members take full advantage of the opportunities offered by the delegations to collaborate, grow and attract investment to their host nations.

Leading Overseas Tech
Business Support

Business SupportServices

Our members benefit from a wide range of exclusive membership discounts and special offers from our national and global partners, existing members and corporate sponsors. Apart from that, we provide advice and guidance on company registration, office space, HR services, tax, accounting, legal support, PR & marketing.